Our Technology

The proper use of technology provides the surest path to achieving goals.

At The Golf Performance Project each student goes through our MAP process: Measure, Assess, and Plan. After precisely measuring their baseline skills and performance we develop an individual plan tailored to their specific needs.


Our team of PGA of Canada golf coaches use the same launch monitors PGA Tour players rely on: Trackman4, Foresight GCQuad and Foresight GCHawk. Our Swing Catalyst system integrates the launch monitor data with video and ground pressure to provide a clear picture of a golfer’s dynamic use of the ground. K-MOTION, is integrated with launch monitor data providing our coaches full 3D body segment movement and sequencing to ensure players are maximizing their physical abilities.

Mastery of any sport is a challenging task and a long-term pursuit. The right tools combined with expert professional coaching gives students the best chance of reaching their goals.