Our Program

Integrating Education with High Performance Golf Training.

  • Limited spaces ensure healthy instructor/student ratios.
  • Our team of certified professionals conducts a comprehensive evaluation of all students’ golf skills, fitness, and nutrition and then custom-builds programs and performance measures for them.
  • Students gain automatic membership in the Junior Golf Victoria, which has produced multiple provincial and national champions. More than 20 graduates have received golf scholarships at NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA colleges.
  • Other competitive opportunities include events organized by Golf Canada, Golf BC, CJGA, Maple Leaf Tour, USGA, PNGA, and AJGA (extra fees may apply).
  • Pathway to College counselling and planning align golf goals and academic objectives, so students learn to balance the demands of academics and golf and are better prepared for life as college athletes.
  • Golf-related training takes place, on average, for 16-20 hours weekly, for ten months annually.

Tall Tree Integrated Health Clinic, the Academy’s on-site fitness and wellness facility offering a full range fitness, health and wellness programs delivered by highly trained professionals.

Our Methodology

Train Hard, Play Easy

  • Our training programs are hard in order to make golf easy.
  • We use an integrated team approach tailored to the personal needs of individual Academy members.
  • We coach rather than command.
  • We follow a circular process: 1) Measure, 2) Assess 3) Prioritize, 4) Train 5) and then back to 1) Measure. This continual loop ensures a consistent and focused approach to player growth.
  • We use the latest technology.
  • Our training is safe, fun, and social while being highly competitive and focused on intentional “play.”

Our Philosophy

“No one becomes excellent at anything without enjoying the journey getting there.”

We are sensitive to the potential for young people to “burn out” when overloaded or out of balance. We are not a golf factory. Our Pathways program recognizes that neither golf nor academics can be emphasized at the expense of the other, so our team works closely to create the optimum environment for each Academy member.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a welcoming, supportive place to belong, a community where a young person can develop into a champion both on and off the golf course.